Act - Challenge Based Learning


In the Act Phase evidence-based solutions are developed and implemented with an authentic audience and the results evaluated. The Learners combine a desire to make a difference with a demonstration of content mastery.

The Act Phase includes Solution Development, Implementation, and Evaluation.

Solution Development

Having completed the Investigation phase, the learners have a solid foundation to begin developing solution concepts.  Solution concepts may involve plans for a campaign to inform or educate, school or community improvement projects, product development, or other activities.

After the solution concept is approved, the learners develop prototypes, experiment and test. This iterative design cycle will most likely raise new Guiding Questions requiring further research and swing them back into the Investigation Phase

Implementation and Evaluation

After developing their solutions, the learners implement them, measure outcomes, reflect on what worked and what didn’t and determine their impact on the challenge.

When implementation is complete, learners can continue to refine the solution or develop a completion report and share their work with the rest of the world.

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