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Challenge Based Learning (CBL) provides an efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real-world Challenges. The framework is collaborative and hands-on, asking all participants (students, teachers, families, and community members) to identify big ideas, ask good questions, identify and solve challenges, gain deep subject area knowledge, develop 21st century skills, and share their experience with the world.

CBL emerged from the “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow—Today” (ACOT2) project initiated in 2008 to identify the essential design principles of the 21st century learning environment. Starting with the ACOT2 design principles, Apple, Inc. worked with exemplary educators to develop and test Challenge Based Learning.

CBL is an adaptable framework that is constantly adapting and evolving. With each implementation new ideas surface, the framework is reviewed and the model evolves.

Challenge Based Learning provides:

  1. A flexible and customizable framework.
  2. A scalable model with multiple points of entry.
  3. A process that places all learners in charge and responsible for the learning.
  4. An authentic environment for meeting academic standards and deep learning.
  5. A focus on global ideas with local challenges and solutions.
  6. An authentic connection between academic disciplines and real world experience.
  7. A framework to develop a wide range of 21st century skills.
  8. Purposeful use of technology.
  9. The opportunity for learners to make a difference now.
  10. A way to document and assess both the learning process and product.
  11. An environment for deep reflection on teaching and learning.

To learn more about Challenge Based Learning visit the Toolkit where you will find Stories, Resources, Research, Challenges and the new CBL User Guide.

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