Research: A CBL Model for Information Management Skills

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Development of a Challenge Based Learning Model via Cloud Technology and Social Media for Enhancing Information Management Skills
Sathaporn Yoosomboon, Panita Wannapiroon
in Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences 174:2102-2107 · January 2015
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This research was conducted for research and development purposes. The aims of this study were to: 1) design a challenge based learning model via cloud technology and social media for enhancing information management skills. Students can then use this technology as a tool for learning, and 2) to evaluate the use of the challenge based learning model via cloud technology and social media for enhancing information management skills. The research methods are divided into two phases. The first phase involves the design of the model and the second phase involves model evaluation. The sample group in this research consisted of nine experts in the field of design challenge based learning, loud technology, social media and information management skills. These experts were selected by purposive sampling. Data has been analyzed using arithmetic mean and standard deviation. The research findings are organized as follows: 1) studying the contents, 2) arranging the challenge based learning process and 3) summarizing the results. The process of developing the challenge based learning model consisted of the following five stages: 1) the big idea, 2) the essential question, 3) the challenge: guiding question, guiding activity, 4) the solution section and 5) the assessment: publishing the student sample and reflection. The objective of the model is to help develop information management skills. The experts agree that a learning activity was appropriate for this activity.
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