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November 30, 2017

Challenge: Code a Solution!

Take a hard look at your school and local community, identify a Big idea (pollution, water quality, voting, communication, transportation, etc.) Use the CBL process to frame and challenge, deeply learn about it, and develop an app that solves the problem.

August 31, 2017

Challenge: Help a community recover from a disaster.

With the recent disaster of Hurricane Harvey devastating communities throughout the Gulf Coast of the United States, the challenge of “Help a community recover from a disaster.” developed by the students of Ringwood North Primary provides a model for how schools can learn, reach out, and help.

June 25, 2017

Challenge: Share Knowledge

So many conferences, workshops, x – educator meetings, books, podcasts, webcasts, etc. So little time, access, and money. What if we could learn from everyone who attends national and local conferences? What if knowledge extended across these boundaries?

August 18, 2016

Challenge: Make Science Matter

We must increase engagement, build excitement and help students understand the importance of science. CERN challenges parents, teachers, and students to find innovative ways to make science matter!

June 25, 2016

Challenge: Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Everything on earth is interconnected. Polar bears represent an important piece of our interconnected environment. Polar Bears International (PBI) is dedicated to assuring the survival of the polar bear. Pollution and climate change threaten this magnificent species, but there is still hope. PBI challenges you to reduce your school, household or community carbon footprint.

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